Building an 8088 Homebrew Computer part 3

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Here is my project on Hackaday

Unfortunately, I do not have a modern camcorder (I have a Sony digital-8 camcorder, and a Canon mini-DV camcorder), and my cellphone doesn’t seem to be able to focus very well, so I ended up using my Sony camcorder on a tripod to record this latest video, which is supposed to be in 720p, but it looks more like 320.

Anyway, here is the latest update on my 8088 homebrew computer. I have added a VT82C42N PS/2 keyboard/mouse controller. I found out about this nice chip on the motherboard of my first PC. It had a Pentium @ 100 MHz, with a DIN keyboard connector. The PS/2 keyboard signals are the same signals used by DIN keyboards. The only differences are the pin sizes and locations.

I wrote a very basic command line shell. At the moment, it only has clear and memdump as commands. The method I’m using to parse the commands involves comparing strings. I have a section of memory dedicated to a┬ácharacter array containing alphanumeric ASCII characters typed in by the user. When ENTER is detected, it searches the existing commands for a command matching what the user typed in. If it doesn’t find one, it informs the user about the invalid command.

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